Vanessa roots are in Energy Therapy and Psychology.    She started off in Psychology at the University of Western Ontario with the intention of doing her PhD in Clinical Psychology.   However over the 4 years of her Honours BA she felt that something was missing.   She felt the traditional schooling of Psychology was missing the body and energy piece.  She had been introduced to yoga, meditation, hypnosis, and Reiki during her teenage and early adult years.   And she felt that this needed to be part of her life and calling.

        She finished her Honours BA and them went on to explore the field of Wellness.  She worked at a nutrition store soaking up all the knowledge she could before going back full-time to a Holistic College.  She studied at the Transformational Arts College in 2001 under the Holistic Program so that she could learn more about Energy and Healing the Mind, Body and Spirit.   She studied a variety of modalities but found her passion with Energy Healing and Body Dialoguing.   A unique blend of Mind, Body and Spirit (mind/ body/energy healing).

          She was scooped up quickly after graduation to be an Alternative Therapist at the Old Mill Inn and Spa located in Etobicoke, Ontario.   She worked for 2years there before she decided to explore the world again.  Travelling solo through Central America for over 5months she learned much about herself and energy; spending time with raw food folks, yogi’s, therapist, energy healers and mostly herself.    She came back wanting to explore the world of fitness.  Finally the body became priority.   First, she became a personal trainer.  Listening to people’s stories and helping them get to their best physical, mental and emotional shape.    Then her passion for entertaining kicked in!   She became a fitness instructor and pursued her love of dance, martial arts, and yoga.  She is a certified yoga instructor (CYT), fitness instructor (FIS) and personal trainer (PTS).

          After this total emersion in fitness and body focus, she then worked at Ste Anne’s Spa in Grafton On as their Wellness Co-ordinator.  She lead the wellness classes and workshops while exploring her passions for teaching.  She held mini-workshops daily on basic nutrition, chakras, yoga, Ayurveda, mandalas, meditation, body focusing and many more.  

          She added in a yoga training in 2007 with Maureen Rae, before the birth of her son.   And then when he was just 2 ½ years old she went back to school fulltime to become an RMT.    Although she had been doing massage since graduating the Holistic College in 2001, she felt that becoming an RMT would give her so much more knowledge of the body, working with injury and other diseases.

          Since graduating in 2012 she worked at Royal York Massage Therapy Clinic and Hearthstone by the Bay (a residence for seniors).  Currently she fly's solo in her expanding home-based practice located in Etobicoke! 

         Her main focus now is on integrating the mind, body,  and spirit through Holistic Modalities by offering unique sessions which pull from over 10 different mind-body modalities exclusive to each client.

       "We all are on our own unique journeys...our souls emerge as we go along.  Sometimes they need a little help to shine; that's where I come in.  I help my clients have a better sense of who they are, to have increased awareness and to shine a little brighter."

- Vanessa

By Appointment only.  Monday to Friday.  (416) 258-8696

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Vanessa Lees, RMT

​H,Ba.Psych, C.N.H.P., CYT., FIS, PTS