The Traditional


​Choose from either Reiki or Swedish Massage.   Straight up, no blending allowed.

The Bull's Eye

60 minutes of targeted massage treatment. Great for those problem areas, or treatment of specific issues.​  Also available in 30min or 45min sessions.

The Chill Out


Swedish Massage  including  Aromatherapy  Oils. Traditionally called “massage”, the therapist will relax the muscles, work out the knots and leave you feeling relaxed and revitalized. Body, scalp and feet included (time permitting).

Serenity Now

Similar to The Chill Out, this treatment includes soothing Aromatherapy Oils applied to the body using traditional Swedish massage. A quieter and more gentle massage which is deeply relaxing for a stressed-out mind, perfect for times of stress or overwhelm. May also include Cranial Sacral Therapy.​ ​​​


A  combination of Reiki Energy Healing and gentle massage, using Aromatherapy Oils. Reiki-ssage is a term coined by Vanessa’s very own clients. A definite "must try"!​

Massage on the Rocks*

Hot Stone Therapy. Warm stones are placed on the body to deeply penetrate the muscles, and are incorporated in the actual massage treatment. Relax and Unwind. 
(1.5 hour treatments available for $150)​

Happy Feet

The ultimate Reflexology treatment. Your feet and mind will leave feeling lighter and happier. Yes, it is possible for feet to feel happy!

​​​Head n' Shoulders,

Knees & Toes
For your stressed out tension spots. This head and shoulders, plus foot massage will re-balance and re-ground the whole body.


The Clarity*
45 minutes of head, neck, scalp and shoulder massage. May include Cranial Sacral.  Unwind the mind and "Be Present".  30 min available.

The Reconnector

Guided Relaxation on the massage table to help you recenter, as well as reconnect to yourself and your innermost feelings. May include Subtle Aromatherapy, Reiki, Visualization and Dialoguing. Perfect for a gentle, yet effective, unplugging and re-centering. WiFi connection NOT included. 

The Momma Bear


Pre-Natal Massage for the Mother to Be!  Pamper yourself, and help ease the aches and strains on the body.  Restore your bliss!
Please inform us of how far along you are, and any complications to your pregnancy. 

The Reset Button

Cranial Sacral Therapy. Amazing for burnt out nervous systems or stress and tension in the body. Breathe and relax your way to better health.

The New Ager                                             

Chakras, Crystals, Sound Therapy, Reiki and More.    The New Ager brings all that “spiritual stuff” to the table.   You will experience Energy shifts and possible realignment.   May invoke feelings of cynicism and mysticism at the same time.   

Energetic Realignment with Source         $100
We all step off path.  Let’s work together to bring you back.  Include SHEN therapy, Dialoguing and Intuitive Coaching

Back to Heart
This session revolves around issues of the heart, including: grief, loss and sadness. Session includes reiki, body dialogue, inner child work, intuitive listening and massage.

​​​The Past-Lifer
Past Life Regression Therapy using Holographic Release Work, Guided Relaxation and Body Inquiry. For shifting patterns, releasing blocks, and sometimes just for fun. Please Note: This treatment is not suitable for everyone; please inquire as to specifics. 

​The Coach
For chronic stress or dealing with older issues or patterns. I will listen intuitively to your needs.  We may do body dialoguing along with Energy Work (i.e. Reiki, Holographic Release, body movement etc). We may  connect with your inner child. 

Warning: This is not a psychotherapy session; this is an Alternative therapy. You will leave with increased awareness of self and some tools to help you along your path. 

​​Destress 101

Feeling overwhelmed, overloaded, anxious and frustrated?  This session provides a safe space for you to vent, let go, release, re-evaluate and prioritize. Session may involve some imagery, energy release, movement& sound, holographic release, massage and cranial sacral therapy.  

Talk 101

Similar to Destress 101, but with more talking on your part. I will listen intuitively and with compassion. Good for everyday stress or acute issues. May also include advice-giving, questions, coaching and/or encouragement. Homework may also be included.

Alice in Wonderland

Go down the rabbit hole! Without expectations, we will explore, excavate and deepen into the body/mind/energy. This session provides many possibilities for healing and includes: reiki, cranial sacral, body/energy release,body dialoguing and sound therapy.​

​​The "I Must Yoga"*

Private Class.  Great for beginners to help learn alignment and poses, to help get you ready for your first yoga class.  Group classes available too.  Email to book this class.

By Appointment only.  Monday to Friday.  (416) 258-8696


All prices listed include tax and are for 60min($100) treatments *unless otherwise specified*

30($65), 45($80), 75($120), and 90($135) min available for some treatments, please inquire.

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