Vanessa has always been there for when I’m in need of treatment. I live a very active and high-paced life with little down time - which in turn brings aches, pains, and injuries. Some injuries and stresses are worse than others….. but no matter what the problem is Vanessa has solved them.

Thank you Vanessa for your dedication and hard work for my problemed body.

Jeff M.

Vanessa is a thorough professional whose treatments are both relaxing and restorative!

I have really enjoyed receiving massage therapy from Vanessa
Her studio has good karma and she custom mixes a wonderful massage oil which makes the experience comfortable and therapeutic.
We did some mind body therapy, a great way to bring physical and emotional balance to my life.


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Vanessa is skilled in multiple treatment modalities which elevate massage to a whole different level. Whether opting for a massage or a combination treatment, Vanessa's intuition and empathy allow her to effectively tailor each session to individual needs. 

The Aromatherapy is exquisite - not only are essential oils custom blended for each client, but you get to keep any remaining oil to enjoy at home. Energy work and dialoguing are very effective for releasing long held patterns or sources of tension. As a physical trainer, she can also recommend follow up exercises. 

Whatever treatments you choose, you will be rewarded with increased relaxation and vitality. I highly recommend Vanessa's massage and other treatments to support health and wellness.

Sue M.

Vanessa is an extremely professional individual.  She uses all of her modalities and adjusts to the client’s needs. She is a very intuitive spirit.  This allows her to instinctively use her experiences to best serve a client at the time of any massage treatment

Vanessa’s healing hands helped with a lifetime of sport injuries and the stress of life’s daily trials and tribulations. I have always felt comfortable, cared for and safe on her table. You get to decide if you need quiet during the session or if you are up for comfortable conversation. Vanessa can accommodate either. She checks in with you, asks for feedback and is responsive.

Whether you are there for a massage or any of the other modalities, she is sensitive to your needs and provides a safe environment to relax to its fullest. In addition, Vanessa is also a holistic healer, yoga teacher and a fitness trainer which allows her to draw on all of this knowledge to ensure that a client gets the maximum benefits.

I would highly recommend her to anyone and always leave our sessions very grounded and relaxed.

Nancy M.

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